Florida Man December 21 (12/21)

The man is in critical condition after losing control of his car and then skidding into the canal.

Police said the accident occurred during the night. An elderly man was traveling west on Interstate 595, when he stopped to go to I-95 north.

Unknown reasons led to the car overturning and being thrown into the canal.

The victim was taken to the hospital where he is in a critical medical condition.

Roads were flooded, but it is not clear if there was rain at that moment of the accident.

Popular December 21st birthdays

Year: 1942 Carla Thomas, American soul singer and R&B singer

Year: 1944 Jared Martin, American actor

Year: 1944 Zheng Xiaoyu, Chinese bureaucrat

Year: 1946 Christopher Kane, conductor of the American Orchestra

Year: 1946 Kevin Beck, Australian guitarist

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