Florida Man December 31 (12/31)

The four suspects were detained early Monday morning and accused of stealing nearly $500,000 from Patron Tequila in Tampa, Florida.

MPs have reported finding Vidal Estrada Lemuel Escobar Humberto Ramirez and Alberto Obio pick up boxes of Patron tequila from a semi-trailer stolen after the driver reported him missing after lunch in Tampa, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff.

The suspects had transported 20 boxes of tequila into the enclosed van that they registered before police found them.

According to the sheriff’s department, there have been ninety-six cases of Tequila with a retail value of 507,105 reported.

Four men were charged with resisting a police officer without violence or force, as well as grand larceny, and theft in a vehicle that was not in use. The 46-year-old Obaya was also charged with possession of a banned substance.

The suspects are currently in prison and will have to appear in court on Tuesday.

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