Florida Man December 4 (12/4)

West Palm Beach alligators were used as holsters, shoes for school mascots, at lunch, and now, according to officials, they are a lethal weapon.

Joshua James, 24, was arrested this morning and charged with using a deadly weapon, without intent to kill, after Florida Fish and Wildlife officials claimed he threw a 3.5-foot alligator through the windows of Wendy’s driveway in October, in Palm Beach County. James is also accused of illegal alligator holding, as well as petty theft. Prison records indicate the man was released on $6,000 bail on Tuesday. He was told not to talk to animals.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Nicholas Guerin said in his report that James drove his pickup truck to the window around 1:20 a.m. on the morning of October 11. When the employee served James drinks, the man threw the crocodile out of the window and then left. No harm done. Guerin captured the crocodile and released it. Guerin claimed James was using video surveillance and went shopping at a nearby retail store.

Geren said James admitted to throwing an alligator during an interview in December. He claimed that James claimed to have found a crocodile in the middle of the road, and then put it inside his truck.

James told his mother, Linda James, WPTV that James’ actions were a “foolish joke.”

“He did this because he found it funny,” she said. She added that he did not intend to hurt or be harmed and “given up without any problems”. No one entered the homes of the James family. James family. The phones listed for the family have been separated.

A 3.5-foot-tall alligator can weigh between 20 and 30 pounds, said James B. Ross, a retired scientist from the University of Florida’s Department of Ecology and Wildlife. His solid body may receive a strong blow when it comes into contact with anyone who could receive a blow.

An alligator bite can be similar to a dog bite but likely not cause serious injuries or break a finger, but it may cause tendons to rupture. One of the main concerns, the doctor said, is the possibility of infection if the sting is not treated.

“The crocodile is unlikely to attack anyone and will likely find itself on the defensive, frightened and shocked,” he said. “Maybe, and perhaps he will, toss and throw anyone who approaches him. He may even stick his jaws and head 12-18 inches from any direction.”

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