Florida Man December 8 (12/8)

Street. ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Local police have stopped one of the oldest crimes worldwide even though the attempted deals… aren’t traditional.

A Pinellas Park individual was accused of offering to have oral sex with an undercover police officer in Saint Petersburg on December 1 in exchange for entry.

In the document, 57-year-old Frank Capone proposed to a female officer he believed to be a prostitute. The police arrested him for prostitution.

It is unclear what kind of burger was served.

Popular December 8th birthdays

Year: 1911 Nikos Gatsos, Greek poet and poet

Year: 1919 Hans-Dieter Hosalla, German composer

Year: 1922 Jean Ritchie, American folk singer

Year: 1923 Rudolph Bariser, American chemist

Year: 1925 Carmen Martin Gate, Spanish author

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