Florida Man July 1 (7/1)

Neil Redno described the gun heist at his store on the Orange Blossom Trail early Tuesday morning as an action scene from a movie.

A burglar or thief punched holes in the ceiling of the store’s Navy store, lowered the rope and then went back upstairs with two bags full of more than 70 guns.

“It must be Spider-Man,” Krasno said. Krasno. “I can’t remember who else [could have done it]. “

The robbery took place at night, without warning.

“He fell in the middle of the earth, where there are no alarms,” ​​said Krasnov.

The police report stated that blood on a pipe just outside the building shows “how the suspect could climb and descend on the roof”.

Shortly after 2 a.m., local Orange County deputies investigating a series of car burglaries located 19-year-old Gary Jamal Shekwan Elliott, who was bleeding from a wound to the right side of his arm.

According to the report published Tuesday, lawmakers were the first to notice a dark-clad Elliott riding a gear-loaded tricycle on South Avenue in Rio Grande. Then the teenager swerved in front of the duplex and disappeared.

The bike was discovered abandoned and found with a backpack and two large bags of black weapons.

Rep. Matthew Vinson wrote, “Inside… I saw several handguns with price tags and serial numbers for the Al Army and Navy.” “One of the bags contained spray bottles and (a) scrap. I also saw blood on the majority of the pistols, and on the handlebars.

Police records show that Elliot was seen trying to get out of the area.

Representatives called the Orlando Police Department and detained Elliott on 39th Street and South Rio Grande Avenue until police arrived.

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When the door was left open, three broken glass exhibits were discovered. Evidence points to black powder being sprinkled on the ground as a way to disguise the blood.

Elliott was arrested for armed robbery of a chassis with a firearm. He was also charged with large-scale third-degree firearm theft, possession of a firearm by an inmate and criminal injury.

He is now in custody without bail pending another suspended sentence in relation to his conviction for burglary with an explosive weapon. Prior to that, the teenager was arrested several times for various crimes.

According to the investigation report, only four handguns were found out of the 75 long and handguns taken during the burglary.

This isn’t the first time that thieves have targeted the Al’s Army fleet in Orlando.

On May 21, 2006, thieves driving a stolen SUV hit the front entrance of the store.Krasno then set up emergency barriers to prevent this incident from happening again.

The shooting from a rifle was among seven incidents that occurred at gun stores throughout Central Florida.

About 400 guns were taken during the series of robberies.

The thieves cut the wall behind the Crasnow retail store located inside Altamonte Springs and escaped with records revealing 58 guns.

According to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, approximately 15,000 guns are stolen from gun stores nationwide each year.

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