Florida Man July 12 (7/12)

Pasco County, Florida (Grey News) Members of Parliament may have noticed bloody marks on the 70-year-old’s arm when they answered the phone Sunday night.

He explained to them that his 77-year-old girlfriend, Jane Galitello, had attacked him. He also stated that it was not the first time he had been attacked.

In an audited Miami Herald report about the arrests, the couple were involved in a fight Friday night, after Galitello claimed she watched pornography.

MPs say the man claimed to have just seen a show on Cinemax that accidentally included a woman who wasn’t wearing a top. However, he claimed that it is not important to his partner. He allegedly left a fingerprint on him after hitting him in the head with an iron detector.

Investigators were unable to identify any signs of trauma to the man’s head, but they did find an iron detector that was near an entertainment unit inside the man’s home.

Galitello admitted to having a heated argument with her girlfriend about watching porn, but she denied hitting him with metal detectors, her arrest says. She admitted that she might be able to “accidentally touch” him with his body, but he was unhurt. She thought she was just doing “God’s work,” the MPs claimed.

However, they were able to arrest Galitello for assaulting the over 65-year-old man and send her to Land Oleic Detention Center without bail.

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