Florida Man July 14 (7/14)

The first time he was inside the house, the man wasn’t ready to leave. It took about three weeks to get it out again. Van Buren said he was either on his couch or on the toilet at all times.

Now the reptile is too big to roam in Coconut Grove’s backyard, Florida Fisheries and Wildlife officials are stepping in to save the 13-foot-long reptile. The authorities were notified of an alligator allegation and opened an investigation.

“Unfortunately, the alligator Gwendolyn is not in the cage as it should be,” said FWC’s Lorenzo Velos.

Van Buuren feeds crocodile pizza and chocolate chip cookies Van Buuren feeds crocodile pizza and Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies which are one of his favorites and says he will do anything to keep him happy.

There is no information yet on how long it would take the FWC to decide where to take Gwendoline should they decide to take Gwendoline away from home.

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Year: 1948 Earl Williams, American baseball player (died 2013)

Year: 1943 Christopher Kahn, English author

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