Florida Man July 15 (7/15)

A Florida client hired a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend. The man was blamed for the murder by Black Lives Matter.

A man identified as Daniel Slater, 51, who lives in Florida was able to negotiate a deal with the killer, and was later found innocent of the crime. In an NBC News report, Slater not only played the mediator in the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend and husband at the couple’s West Palm Beach home, but also blamed Black Lives Matter.

The statement, compiled from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District, was published on July 9.

According to the story, Slater approached the killer in May and June in order to kill his ex-girlfriend’s husband as well as her ex-girlfriend. Slater as well as the killer formulated the location and manner in which the murders would be carried out. They devised a strategy with the help of a third party to make the murders look horrific.

Slater and the killer went to the victim’s home to discuss the best window to shoot through. Slater advised his partner to paint the victim’s home so that the murders appeared to be linked in Black Live Matters.

Slater initially offered cocaine as payment for the executions. Then the killer agreed to pay off his previous debts and pay a third party to subcontract the murder. The man’s partner was an FBI informant and also an FBI agent investigating the killer.

Slater’s ideas shifted beyond blaming black lives matter. Slater would have liked to put acid on his victims’ faces, break their teeth, and injure the woman’s sister.

The man who hit the two victims was in agreement with his saying the victims were killed on June 12, and provided him with photoshopped images. Slater paid $400 and promised to pay the rest.

Slater was a man who let his partners do the dirty work. Policemen initially spied on the man after they found a woman he had hired to monitor his ex-girlfriend, kidnapped and killed his buddies, and were later found dead.

Slater pleaded guilty on the condition that authorities drop some of the charges against him. It is scheduled to appear on September 16.

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