Florida Man July 17 (7/17)

Palm Beach Garden, Florida – At the age of 71, Alan Abrahamson began his morning walks. He said the goal was to lose weight after a recent cruise.

In the early morning of January 25, he walked out of his $900,000 condo in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, to go for a walk. It was filmed on camera at the private country club around 5:53 AM. The camera was recorded at 6:06. The noise is the sound of a shot. Matt Abrahamson.

The suspects claimed it was murder, but there was no evidence of a fight, no weapons, and no shells. The Palm Beach Post reported that there was only one unique clue to the scene: a very thin line of blood was visible through a hole in the victim’s heart in his shoulder.

When the police investigated Abrahamson’s account, they discovered something else: He had bought two weather balloons even though none of the people they spoke to thought the balloons were more interested in weather balloons or aerial photos.

His weblog revealed additional details: He emailed the salesperson four times to inquire about issues such as takeoff altitudes; The Google Maps story showed that on January 23, he was in an industrial store, where police discovered that he had purchased a 40-cubic-foot helium tank. Internet searches for suicides were from 2009.

The Washington Post reported that a February 2017 search query was “Can you commit suicide with a gunshot wound without a weapon?”

Police described the incident as “contrived” but “reasonable” verification: Abrahamson tied a gun to a balloon, pulled a rope from the trigger up to his finger and then shot himself and the balloon took the weapon and rope, leaving a bloody one. A line on his sweatshirt.

Using simulations, the team discovered that the airship was capable of carrying a cannon from the northern Bahamas and across the Atlantic Ocean. In early March, they were able to close the case, and they were sentenced to suicide.

Famous July 17th Birthdays

Year: 1932 Quino, Spanish-Argentine cartoonist

Year: 1952 Nicolette Larson, American singer-songwriter (d. 1997)

Year: 1955 Paul Stamets, American mycologist and author

Year: 1987 Darius Boyd, Australian rugby player

Year: 2000 Nico Lerch, German actor

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