Florida Man July 18 (7/18)

Police said a Florida man took candles and then fired tear gas at shoppers at the mall.

Miami, Florida – A Florida man stole candles from a mall according to police. As he fled the store, he sprayed those around him with tear gas.

Authorities said the accident occurred on Saturday at a center in the suburb of Doral. Doral, which is located west of Miami. An unidentified suspect was spotted entering a Bath and Body Works store, stuffing his suitcase filled with candles, then spraying customers with tear gas before fleeing the site.

“This incident only happened in Miami and it can’t happen anywhere else,” Doral Police spokesman Rey Valdes told the Miami Herald.

Thirty-five people suffered from tears. A few people, including the store manager, were taken to hospitals for treatment. Authorities were not sure how many people would be hospitalized, and the tear fluid could cause respiratory irritation and eye irritation.

After the accident, the vast majority of the mall was closed.

He is an as yet unidentified suspect who will likely be charged with armed robbery as well as aggravated assault if arrested.

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