Florida Man July 21 (7/21)

Clearwater, Florida (WPVI). According to police, a Florida man was killed in a parking lot.

Brittany Jacobs claims that Michael Drake came across her while she was standing in a parking lot near the Clearwater department store. Surveillance video shows Jacobs’ friend Marquis McGluckton leaving the store to protect Jacobs.

Drake is pushed to the ground by him.

Drake pulls out his pistol and shoots McGluckton.

Soon, the father of three died.

Because of Florida’s “Stand On Your Ground” law, the sheriff’s office will not press charges against Drake.

famous july 21st birthdays

Year: 1978 Kyoko Iwasaki, Japanese swimmer

Year: 1971 Emmanuel Bangui, French long jump

Year: 1970 Alicia Rayner, American actress and producer

Year: 1960 Fritz Walter, German footballer

Year: 1948 Teruzane Utada, Japanese songwriter, producer, and director

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