Florida Man July 23 – Florida Man Birthday Challenge

A Florida man wanted by the police gives his name to the cops – but he’s also wanted.

The 26-year-old Bradenton man is now in prison after he gave his brother’s information to law enforcement because he was wanted for criminal warrants.

Obviously, this wasn’t just about being helpful and sharing information about himself; Also appointed brother!

Both brothers are wanted by the authorities, which makes this a problem.

Jacob Heysel was arrested under his brother’s name and lied that he had any ID.

He claimed that his true identity was found after his fingerprints were taken. But what about sibling rivalry?

Famous July 23rd Birthdays

Year: 1977 Scott Clemencen, American ice hockey player and coach

Year: 1976 Judit Polgar, Hungarian chess player

Year: 1969 David Kaufman, American actor

Year: 1953 Claude Barzotti, Belgian-Italian singer

Year: 1957 Nikos Galis, American basketball player

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