Florida Man July 28 (7/28)

Pasco County, Florida (Gray News) Pasco County, Florida (Grey News) Pasco County deputies turned on flashing lights after they allegedly managed to see Gordon Ormond driving through a red light early Friday morning.

They were expecting him to pull his white truck across the road, but the 56-year-old had different plans.

In a police report reviewed by the Miami Herald, deputies said Ormond continued to drive “in a state of disarray.” At some point, he hit other people’s basketball goals. Representatives claimed that Ormond tried to get away from them behind him after smashing the gate, then accelerated to about 35 mph.

But the plan failed when the authorities removed her jagged strips. They managed to blew out 3 of the tires and then arrested the driver.

While heading to prison, MPs stated that Ormond had admitted to driving under suspended licenses.

The first time certainly wasn’t the last. This was the twelfth. Ormond was also accused of escaping by leaving the scene and refusing to undergo breathing tests.

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