Florida Man July 29 (7/29)

Jacksonville, Florida. A man making beer in a Florida supermarket with a real alligator and duct tape over his mouth.

A video posted on WTLV shows an unidentified man walking into a Jacksonville convenience store with a crocodile on the right side of his hand.

He takes the crocodile to the table and asks, “Did you run out of beer?”

Then he sees someone in an area behind the shop. The person asks: Does he drink the last drink? It’s not the last is it?

A crocodile-loving man laughs as he runs towards another while others laugh at the table.

Then he takes 12 cans of beer.

The channel says that Florida wildlife experts are investigating the incident.

July 29 Famous Birthdays

Year: 1980 Ryan Brown, American-Canadian baseball player

Year: 1966 Martina McBride, American singer-songwriter and producer

Year: 1963 Graham Ball, English footballer, referee and journalist

Year: 1914 Irwin Currie, American actor and activist

Year: 1932 Nancy Kasbaum, American businesswoman and politician

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