Florida Man July 3 (7/3)

A Florida man did something completely unexpected during a Monday fishing trip to celebrate his birthday.

Jorge Bustamante caught a large packet of marijuana in the waters off Pompano Beach, about 11 miles north of Fort Lauderdale.

He told WSVN that he was the most dangerous to the US Coast Guard, but not until he was able to snap some pictures of his massive catch.

Bustamante said he was joking that the gift came from “Pablo Escobar’s birthday present,” and authorities called it a “square grouper.”

Famous 3rd of July birthdays

Year: 1984 Nicholas Roche, Irish cyclist

Year: 1976 Wanderlei Silva, American-Brazilian mixed artist

Year: 1950 James Hahn, American judge and politician, 40th Mayor of Los Angeles

Year: 1947 Dave Barry, American journalist and author

Year: 1945 Sharon Shelah, Israeli mathematician and academic

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