Florida Man July 4 (7/4)

Merritt Island, Florida. According to an acquaintance, on Tuesday night, a Brevard County man’s toenails were torn during fireworks.

The accident occurred at the Ligustram Lane apartment complex near North Courtney Boulevard on Merritt Island.

Ryan Dupard was airlifted to hospital after hitting a patient with a serious hand injury, according to officials.

According to a family member, the victim’s fingers have been frozen in hospital as doctors try to reconnect the fingers.

“We initially thought he was playing, but his arm just broke,” Shearome Cosby told reporters.

Cosby mentioned that he ran to a balcony on the second floor where fireworks were being set off to help his friend.

“I just watched the blood flow in the air. It was just amazing on the balcony,” Cosby said.

A close friend reported that the deceased person also lost his eyebrows, as well as his hearing due to the sound of the explosion.

Famous 4th of July birthdays

Year: 1990 Chloe Jasmine, singer, reality TV star

Year: 1974 Vince Spadia, American tennis player

Year: 1970 Christian Geisler, American bassist (creator)

Year: 1963 Henri Lecomte, French tennis player and sports broadcaster

Year: 1969 Golden, American football player and coach

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