Florida Man July 8 (7/8)

A Florida man called himself “The Beast” after he managed to fend off an intruder, and took drastic measures to impede him until the police arrived.

Richard Golden of Jacksonville was at home with his family when he heard his glass break. The man with a gun smashed his sliding glass door and demanded money.

But Golden says he hasn’t given up. I stood firm.

“He hit me in the head with a pistol and my friend got up just in time and got his attention,” Golden said. “And when he was distracted, I made my move, grabbed him and closed the gun.”

Golden told WJXT that he threw the man, later identified as Timothy Henson, into the castle. Then he moved his fingers into the man’s eyes as close as possible.

“I dropped the clip because I had military training, and then there was another clip in my cell,” Golden said. “It worked. I was sure I didn’t die. I knew I wasn’t shot. Then he started military training and his eyes were gone.

But Golden did not give up. He asserted that Henson was unable to escape before the authorities arrived.

“I sat on him and closed his eyes until the police came,” the man said. I took his gun from him and hit him.

Golden still had cuts to his hands after the fight. Golden also lost one of his dogs who managed to escape from the fight.

He told WJXT that he wasn’t sure why he was being targeted and claimed he had never met Hinson in his life.

Henson was treated for medical problems and arrested.

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