Florida Man May 1 (5/1)

Florida fisherman, don’t mess with the manatee!

Luis Tornas Perez, 49, was fishing in Long Key at the 55-mile mark when he spotted 16 matings of manatees. According to reports, Tornas Perez sprayed water on the manatees rather than leaving them alone, as required by state law. According to the Miami Herald,

Tornas Perez has been charged with a second-degree charge. He was transferred to the Farm Key Prison. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Tornas Perez was arrested after he was “slapped in the water,” an illegal act.

State law prohibits feeding manatees. It is also illegal to make excessive noise or splash water, which is a crime.

Famous birthdays May 1

Year: 1976 Violante Placido, Italian actress and singer

Year: 1973 Mike Jesse, German footballer

Year: 1972 Earl Fa, New Zealand rugby player

Year: 1964 Yvonne van Gennep, Dutch speed skater

Year: 1917 Ulric Cross, Trinidadian navigator, judge, and diplomat (d. 2013)

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