Florida Man May 18 (5/18)

A man has been arrested for inappropriate behavior after he is said to have told MPs that he “gets sexual gratification by pressing his penis and walking naked in the rain”.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office reported Thursday evening at approximately 20:30, that a resident called 911 about an unidentified man who had just walked into her yard without clothes. The caller said she saw him near her front door smeared with the same oil as it flowed outside. The police arrived soon enough to catch this anonymous nudist enthusiast before things got too personal with any of the residents or their nearby homes.

The report stated that the deputy, ignoring the order to stop, crushed and incapacitated a man. The naked man claimed to live in my neighborhood and get sexual gratification by walking around naked when it’s raining outside. He also said he always carries vegetable oil with him because of his foot scrub fetish, but he’d rather do it at Pensacola Beach or Navarra Beach instead!

The man, Frederick Greenlee, walked naked for an hour and a half in Santa Rosa County, Florida when he decided to visit Woodlawn Beach High School while he was walking around town. Eventually, the police were called by concerned citizens after seeing him walking with no clothes at all which is why they arrested him for loitering, vagrancy, obscene behavior, resisting arrest without violence and exposing genitals even though it is not illegal to be sober while undressing. Outside or inside buildings if they belong to you.

May 18 Famous Birthdays

Year: 1986 Kevin Anderson, South African tennis player

Year: 1952 Jenna Yeager, American pilot

Year: 1947 Hugh Keyes Byrne, Indian-Australian actor

Year: 1925 Lillian Hoban, American author and illustrator (d. 1998)

Year: 1909 Fred Perry, English-Australian tennis player and academic (d. 1995)

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