Florida Man May 19 (5/19)

After an argument with his wife, Oswald Pereira sets her house on fire and tries to escape from the police at high speed. He was arrested after hitting a school bus while fleeing authorities Wednesday morning in Lake County, Florida.

The man was accused of burning property; Vehicle (hit-and-run) assault against another person or object (bus); a law enforcement officer evaded resulting in bodily injury; Three counts of nonviolent obstruction of justice without the use of force.

When interviewed about why she thought her husband would have done such a thing, Ms. Bereria reportedly said it might be because he “watches a lot of movies”.

A chase between Pereira and the police resulted in her switching from one vehicle to another. This helped authorities follow her trying to hide in a closet of a house, but she was caught anyway with 15 per cent burns covering parts of her body.

The arson incident has now been revealed to be the work of a criminal. According to his neighbors, Pereira was once an ardent knight who loved family and work together, but later became very miserable for unknown reasons.

The only person known to have suffered from this crime is actually the culprit himself – Pereira’s poor mental state led to the burning of his house with no one else inside! This wasn’t the first time he had committed such crimes either; In 2018, complaints of theft and domestic violence were made against him by acquaintances, which shows that he is currently upset after what happened on Friday night as well.

May 19 Famous Birthdays

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Year: 1977 Manuel Almunia, Spanish footballer

Year: 1972 Jenny Berggren, Swedish singer-songwriter

Year: 1961 Wayne Van Dorp, Canadian ice hockey player

Year: 1949 Archie Manning, American football player and sports broadcaster

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