Florida Man May 20 (5/20)

Florida police have arrested a man with a pink bra and twenty tattoos.

According to police statements, the man was driving intermittently in traffic and was discovered in a hotel parking garage as a result of a police chase. The man was wearing unusual clothes.

According to The Smoke Gun police report, Buford Carroll, 30, was wearing a white shirt with a pink bra. Carol was found in this case in a hotel parking garage.

Carol was found smelling strong alcohol and his driver’s license was suspended. Carl’s license was suspended because he drove a car with a different license plate.

A police officer asked Carol’s friend why he was driving with a suspended license. His girlfriend replied, “He’s an idiot!”

Carroll has been accused of using plugins that are not connected to the tool. The police also asked Carol about the meaning of the I-95 symbol on his body, the life of a fighter and the tattoo of the Statue of Liberty with a pistol.

Famous May 20th Birthdays

Year: 1987 Mike Hafinar, Japanese footballer

Year: 1981 Kinsuke Tanaka, Japanese baseball player

Year: 1980 Agnes Kittelsen, Norwegian actress

Year: 1954 Colin Sutherland, Lord Carloway, Scottish solicitor and judge

Year: 1953 Norbert Siegmann, German footballer and manager

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