Florida Man May 25 (5/25)

A Florida man called out, “Jews must die,” and throws feces into the synagogue.

Police arrested a Florida man who made antisemitic comments and dumped bags of litter in front of a synagogue.

Hallandale Beach police have arrested a man named Jeffrey Carl Fleming for using human waste and making racist comments.

In Captain Pedro Abbott’s ad, 39-year-old Fleming was filmed on the streets of South Broward on Friday. Fleming was not wearing shoes and was wearing an abaya. After he left the place he returned after, he put human excrement in his hands and walked towards the synagogue. Then he said words that exacerbated the number of hate crimes: “Jews must die.”

The report also stated that he spat at the menorah that was on the sidewalk.

Fleming is being held without bail in Broward County Jail.

May 25 Famous Birthdays

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