Florida Man May 28 (5/28)

Zephyrhills, Florida – Police have arrested a Florida man on charges of hitting his mother on the head with a corn cob, according to the Family Football Association.

Cody Cummins, 27, is accused of throwing a corn cob at his mother around 2 a.m. the day before. The deputy said that the corn cob hit the woman on the head, but she was not hurt.

The Local Women’s Liberation League in Los Angeles said Cummins left the scene, but was later arrested.

Records show he is facing a domestic battery charge, and is secured by a $150 bail.

Famous May 28 Birthdays

Year: 1988 Misa Kuroki, Japanese actress and singer

Year: 1983 Roman Atwood, American comedian and vlogger

Year: 1971 Marco Rubio, American lawyer and politician

Year: 1980 Lucy Shukr, English tennis player

Year: 1954 John Tory, Canadian lawyer and politician, 65th Mayor of Toronto

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