Florida Man May 9 (5/9)

Authorities have arrested a Florida man for driving an illegally obtained alligator leg into a dashboard. This is something that even the police don’t see every day.

The FWC reported Monday morning that Luis Merizio (FWC Officer) stopped a truck in the Corbett Conservation Area in order to check its daily traffic. Instead, they found many alligator parts all over the truck.

According to an FWC report, the truck owner claimed the parts belonged to only an alligator he had hunted over many years. However, officers could smell the carcass of a crocodile that had just died a few days earlier, according to an FWC report.

The man admitted that he caught a crocodile only a few days ago. The police made a call.

May 9 Famous Birthdays

Year: 1983 Ryuhei Matsuda, Japanese actor

Year: 1982 Beatriz Pascual, Spanish racing infantry

Year: 1959 Ulrich Matisse, German actor

Year: 1943 Colin Bellinger, English astronomer, chemist, and academic (d. 2014)

Year: 1907 Baldur von Scherach, German politician (d. 1974)

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