Florida Man September 10 (9/10)

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A Florida resident claims his Facebook post asking people to shoot Hurricane Irma was an unintended joke that quickly got out of control, and claimed on Sunday that he never thought anyone would take his invitation seriously.

More than 50,000 people signed up on Sunday, after 22-year-old Rion Edwards of Daytona Beach posted an invitation that read: “This watch has passed IRMA to tell them they haven’t paid the US, let’s show IRMA that we’re number one.”

“It seems that this joke has managed to get into the minds of many people,” Edwards told the Associated Press in a Facebook post on Sunday. There are people who are angry because they think this is actually happening. Not sure if I’m smiling or sighing.

Hurricane Irma Stay tuned for the latest news on the devastating storm.
Most, but not all, Facebook users seem to have a feeling that Edwards wasn’t serious about posting stereotypical comments and photos in Florida, like men in only underwear, armed with shotguns and pistols.

If anyone didn’t catch the humor the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office tweeted late Saturday night: “Don’t fire your (hashtag) Irma. You can’t force it to back off (and) it can have very serious consequences. People were injured by bullets

In his Facebook post on Sunday, Edwards announced that there is something to learn from the incident.

Edward wrote that it was great to read the responses received via Facebook. However, I discovered that nearly 50 percent of the population around the world is unable to understand the value of sarcasm and how it can save lives..

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