Florida Man September 12 (9/12)

A Florida construction employee suspected of stabbing five people on Wednesday was stabbed after being told he was in danger of being fired, police said.

Antfan Brown, 41, is charged with five counts of attempted murder after allegedly using a knife to inadvertently wound five people, including Dyke Industries employees and another person interviewed at the Tallahassee plant. According to the city’s ATC. Brown was according to the city of ATC. Brown was in a “good mood” before he got to work, according to a friend who took him on a trip, which he reported to investigators. However, as soon as he arrived, Brown apparently heard his boss say “Keep him out,” the boss said. Brown got into a heated argument with his boss, then was said to have taken it from his pocket. He was “afraid that Brown might get his weapon” he was armed with the help of a piece of wood. Brown was told to leave his post.

Then the 41-year-old called his chaplain and asked for prayers and forgiveness. He then urged the pastor to call the police, according to the statement. In the next few minutes, Brown allegedly stabbed five individuals and assaulted a sixth. His wife, Bobby Riggins, the man who was interviewing for a position at Dyke Industries, was on his phone around 9:00 AM. I heard a noise at the back of the room.

One Tallahassee Democrat and his wife, Marquette Campbell, said: “The next thing I’ll ever remember is he said to me, ‘My boyfriend was stabbed five times. She claimed that her husband called her afterwards to inform her that internal bleeding was a problem and that he was undergoing surgery. On Wednesday afternoon, one patient was hospitalized in critical condition, two in good health, and two in good condition.

Brown was arrested outside the facility and charged with attempted murder, first degree on five occasions as well as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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