Florida Man September 15 (9/15)

The next day, a few days after the report, police say, they arrested a man who was crawling under tables in the library and sniffing at a woman’s feet on the Florida International University campus.

Miami-Dade police announced that 52-year-old Eddie Huang was arrested Tuesday and charged with the sexual offenses of registration and desertion offenses or avoidance of dangerous driving, aggravated assault and nonviolent resistance.

The Financial Intelligence Unit police had previously posted an alert to students that a person had been observed under a table in the library on campus on August 29 with photos and a description. Police say a man matching the description was seen riding an unmarked motorbike on Tuesday, miles from the campus. Officers tried to stop the move, but the man escaped and later crashed, and was later arrested.

Warranty details were not immediately available. It is not clear what the state of Juan’s authority will be. Juan is married to a lawyer.

Famous September 15th Birthdays

Year: 1979 Dave Annable, American actor

Year: 1977 Angela Aki, Japanese singer-songwriter

Year: 1947 Viggo Jensen, Danish footballer and manager

Year: 1943 Tommy Hall, American pitcher

Year: 1942 Ksenia Milisevic, French painter and engineer

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