Florida Man September 19 (9/19)

(RNN) Firefighters and police officers in Nessieville, Florida, will not soon forget the night they responded to a house fire caused by a naked man who tried to cook biscuits using a George Foreman grill.

Firefighters reported an unattended fire in a house at date palm time around midnight on September 12, WFTV reported.

The moment they arrived, a naked man walked in the door and said “sorry” to the firefighters, then shut the door.

The police arrived shortly and the police arrived, and this time the man entered through the door, but left the door open. While walking in the house, the officers saw burning things.

The authorities took him out of the house because the man did not appear to be concerned for his security.

Police say the man confessed to drinking two liters of vodka as well as smoking marijuana from 9:15 at night.

Famous September 19th Birthdays

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Year: 1983 Charlie Heiger, American baseball player

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Year: 1977 Mike Smith, American baseball player

Year: 1962 Sherry Autry, American actress, producer, and screenwriter

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