Florida Man September 23 (9/23)

JACKSONVILLE Florida (AP) The man was drinking beer when they walked into a Florida store carrying a alive alligator with a mouthful of duct tape.

A video shared by WTLV shows an unidentified man walking into a Jacksonville convenience store with an alligator in the right side of his hand.

He takes the crocodile to the table and asks, “Did you run out of beer?”

Then he sees someone in the back corner of the work, and asks “Do you have the last bit of beer? It’s not the last beer, is it?

A crocodile owner jokes about running into a guy while others in the store laugh.

Then he bought 12 whole cans of beer.

The news channel reported that Florida investigators are investigating the accident.

Famous September 23rd Birthdays

Year: 1959 Hans Nijmann, Dutch wrestler and mixed martial artist (d. 2014)

Year: 1939 Joan Hanham, Baroness Hanham, English politician

Year: 1924 Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardinal, Nicaraguan journalist and publisher

Year: 1915 Julius Becker, American flautist and educator (d. 2003)

Year: 1913 Carl Henning Pedersen, Danish painter and sculptor

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