Florida Man September 27 (9/27)

Don’t throw your samurai sword into a trash fight.

This is a story from Broward County, Florida police after a man was arrested over a strange junk-related dispute.

Curtis Miller, 54, was arrested Monday and charged with attempted murder in connection with the July 15 incident. The person who was killed, Todd Bevers, was running when he noticed the suspect rummaging through huge trash. A pile of trash was found near an Oakland park. The beavers retrieved the wheelbarrow from the pile and the suspect was wanted because the men then began arguing: “The two men exchanged words and then the runner took his wheelbarrow and ran toward the wheelbarrow, then pushed it toward the house,” police said. in an advertisement. Soon, the suspect was arrested by Bobrov near the house of Bobrov, where the conversation was captured by security cameras.

The video shows the Beavers standing at the edge of the driveway using an unloaded wheelbarrow, talking on the phone. Notice that the suspect walks toward him and then steps across the sidewalk.

The suspect was seen drawing a samurai katana sword right after it entered the frame. He walks in a series of alternating steps, then raises his sword on his back, then delivers a powerful blow to the victim.

Two men were seen fighting over a wheelbarrow. The man was seen swinging his sword several times, but it didn’t seem to hit Bobrov.

“When he took out his sword I wondered…” What if he was really planning on making such a move? Beevers told WSVN that it was in August. After a short exchange, the suspect released the wheelbarrow and walked away. The suspect can be seen in front of the security camera that recorded the entire event.

The video concludes with the woman pushing an empty cart.

Bobrov was not injured during the attack.

Police first released the video in August, hoping to identify the person and the woman holding the sword.

The woman then introduced herself as the owner of a house with a garbage heap. The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that the suspect was being held without bail on unrelated charges.

Bevers stated that he regretted taking the wagon because he had no idea it could lead to an argument of this magnitude.

“I don’t even need this item,” he said. “I was feeling really stupid about that.”

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