Florida Man September 28 (9/28)

Citrus County, Florida. A Florida man has been arrested for neglecting his mother to death, then burying her in the woods, and trying to get out of the country.

On September 28, MPs were called to 10244 N. Academy Drive in Citrus Springs to check their safety.

Family members from the city called concerned about 79-year-old Issey Gabrielsen from Danilon. They were told a variety of stories about her whereabouts. Her grandson, 36-year-old Arthur Miller, whose deputies found the house completely deserted – “full of rubbish with human and animal excrement, as well as a large number of cockroaches.”

Gabrielsen was not at home.

Investigators discover they know that Arthur Miller and his then 32-year-old girlfriend, Vivian Gutierrez, had just left their family in Arkansas believing they had placed Esi in a foster care facility.

But the man later changed his story to say that his grandmother had died and was buried with her. Then investigators began investigating the chance of murder.

On Saturday, police discovered what they described as an unimportant grave in a forest just a mile from the house. The remains are in line with what is known about Ecie Gabrielsen.

Previous Sunday Miller with Gutierrez was in Las Cruces, New Mexico trying to cross an immigration checkpoint.

Miller admitted in an interview that he ignored Gabrielsen until she died and then buried her in an undisclosed grave in the woods.

Both were arrested in the same case of negligence. Miller was also charged with a serious crime of inhumane abuse. Another payment is expected.

Sheriff Mike Prendergast said: “We are very grateful to our beloved Mrs. Gabrielsen with all our hearts.” “This is a very sad event that must be discussed after analyzing the facts and also the victim, Mrs. Gabrielsen, who deserves more.”

It is expected that this couple will be returned to the citrus county in the coming days.

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