Florida Man September 4 (9/4)

Patrick Eldridge parked his smart car in the kitchen to protect it from Dorian. Dorian because he doesn’t want you to “go downwind” and it shows he was able to put his car in the garage.

Jessica Eldridge said her car was already inside the garage. To avoid having to clean up the area, she said her husband suggested leaving her parking lot at home.

“I said it shouldn’t. He told me he could,” Jessica said. So he opened both doors, and threw them inside. I was amazed at how convenient it was. He did it without difficulty.

Popular september 4th birthdays

Year: 1990 Johnny Lomax, English rugby player

Year: 1978 Frederic Vuchelin, Belgian cyclist

Year: 1969 Noah Taylor, English-Australian actor and singer

Year: 1968 John Dimaggio, American voice actor and singer

Year: 1960 Shailesh Vara, English-Uganda politician and lawyer

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