Florida Man September 8 (9/8)

Saint Petersburg residents’ jeep was destroyed when the driver left an entire Samsung Galaxy 7 inside.

A few days after Samsung announced the recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, Nathan Dornacher left his phone charging on the console and emptied the table he had bought at a yard sale as reported by Fox 13 News. Lydia took their 8-year-old daughter and their service dog to the car.

The family dog ​​realized something was wrong, and Nathan sat up. Nathan was looking out the window and realized his jeep was on fire.

Famous September 8th Birthdays

Year: 1988 Aurelius Bean, American football player

Year: 1987 Wiz Khalifa, American rapper and actor

Year: 1987 Alexandre Bilodeau, Canadian skater

Year: 1971 Martin Freeman, English actor

Year: 1968 Ray Wilson, Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist

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