Florida Man September 9 (9/9)

Orlando, Florida (AP) authorities said the woman was permanently banned from entering Walt Disney World in Florida after she collided with a taxi driver and kicked a lawmaker at the resort.

Elaine McMillion, of Brandon, Florida, hit a taxi driver in front of a Disney Hollywood studio on Thursday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in an arrest report.

A Disney security guard and his park partner managed to intervene.

The taxi driver told MPs that MacMillion started hitting her after she asked him for a cigarette and told him the cigarette he was smoking was not a cigarette. Representatives claimed that Mc Million was a fetishist and also had a strong smell of alcohol.

She was charged with assaulting an officer and committing rioting.

Mc Million requested a public defender, however, no attorney represented her on Monday.

Famous September 9th Birthdays

Year: 1990 Jordan Tabor, English footballer (d. 2014)

Year: 1986 Young Berg, American rapper and producer

Year: 1980 American actress and singer Michelle Williams

Year: 1959 Tom Foley, American baseball player and coach

Year: 1945 Ton van Heugten, Dutch motocross racer (d. 2008)

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